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Biarritz is an incredible playground. Nestling between the ocean and the mountains, it is the ideal place for activities of all kinds. Sporting, of course - the town's beaches and waves make it a great place to try out surfing - but also cultural, with a strong Basque heritage.

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Biarritz activities: surfing and more

Biarritz offers a wide range of sporting activities. As well as the inevitable introduction to surfing, which you certainly won't want to miss, thanks to the many surf clubs on the beaches, there are plenty of other activities to discover in Biarritz. The Nive, a tributary of the Adour, the river that flows into the Atlantic, offers many possibilities. Rafting and hydrospeed are just some of the freshwater activities on offer. For climbing enthusiasts, you can also take advantage of the region's rugged terrain and discover the via ferrata of the Baztan rocks, all just a 45-minute drive from our centre.

Biarritz activities: an important cultural heritage

But Biarritz isn't just a city of sport, it's also a city with a strong and enduring heritage. A heritage that can be felt on the plate, with famous local dishes that have crossed time and borders, such as poulet basquaise and piperade.
This heritage can be seen at first glance on the facades of the town's houses. Magnificent houses with exposed woodwork, sometimes red, sometimes green, sometimes blue. Each colour has its own history and meaning. These different shades give the town its charm.
Finally, if you're looking for more traditional activities in Biarritz, you can visit the Biarritz lighthouse or the Rocher de la Vierge.

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