Thalasso & Well-being
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Thalmar Biarritz, your thalasso moment

Softness & well-being

As you pass through the doors of Thalmar Biarritz, you can feel the force of the ocean, the richness of the sea spray and the power of the elements. Experience the benefits of heated seawater on your body, a real iodine immersion bathed in light. Our experts will wrap you in the softness of the sea to relax or tone your body. We guarantee you a soothing experience thanks to the energies of the ocean.

Our thalasso holidays

Our themed Thalassos

Thalasso Health

Take advantage of our thalassotherapy treatments focused on your health. Therapeutic treatments to improve your everyday life.

These cures are tailored to your needs and expectations.

From €1461

Thalasso Wellness

Our Well-Being Thalasso offers intense and profound sensations of well-being. A combination of treatments and massages to help you feel your best.

From €1461

Thalasso Sport

Sport and thalassotherapy combined for your well-being. Take advantage of our themed break that combines our treatments with various activities such as walking or golf.

From €1332

Weekends & Short Breaks

Recharge your batteries for a weekend or a few days.

From €387

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